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Ad - COVER (Full Color) (8" x 10.5") $500.00
Ad - Full Page Color (8" x 10.5") $350.00
Ad - Full Page Grayscale (8" x 10.5") $250.00
Ad - Half Page Color (8" x 5") $175.00
Ad - Half Page Grayscale (8" x 5") $125.00
Ad - Quarter Page Color (3.75" x 5") $100.00
Ad - Quarter Page Grayscale (3.75" x 5") $75.00
Ad - Eighth Page Grayscale (3.75" x 2.25") $45.00

Your generous donation will help offset the cost to allow our beloved faculty members to attend this joyous event.

Please note the ENTIRE amount of this purchase may be tax deductible since you are not receiving any item or service in return (please consult your tax advisor). 

RESERVED Seating $50.00

There will be plenty of places to sit during this year's auction. However, this option is for those who prefer to RESERVE a table to share with friends. Reserved tables can accommodate either 6 or 8 guests. The auction team will follow-up with you prior to the event to find out how many seats you need at your table. 

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** THANK YOU for supporting our school with a tax-deductible cash donation. **

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